Tad Roberts designed Nomad 16 wooden sport fishing outboard microcruiser


We don’t build stock boats because we don’t have stock customers.

Each of our clients has unique interests and requirements and it’s our job to build them the best boat for their needs.

We’ve built boats for long-range trips, unique body sizes, static displays and movie props. One thing is consistent amongst them: they all got something that fit their needs and budget and couldn’t be bought off the shelf.

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Canadian Ugo canoe

Traditional Construction

In traditional construction, solid wood planks are fastened to steam-bent ribs or sawn frames with clench nails, copper rivets or screws. The hull relies on accurate tight joinery and swelling of the wood to achieve watertightness. This type of construction goes back to the age of the Vikings and is just as relevant today. Robust and easily repairable, these craft can last for generations.
Shellback dinghies

Modern Construction

Mostly we use glued lapstrake plywood construction, but other adhesive-based construction methods are also possible. We use West System epoxies and high-quality marine plywood to achieve lightweight, low-maintenance craft that are resilient, and easy to use and transport.
Rowing a skin-on-frame pacific handliner

Skin-on-Frame Construction

This indigenous Arctic construction is thousands of years old. We build traditional kayaks and custom designs using ballistic nylon skins stretched over a lashed wooden framework. These boats are featherlight, flexible and tough. The speed of construction keeps costs down and the ease of construction makes them a favourite for our courses.

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