International 2.4 mR

International 2.4 metre class

This project may be the only one of its kind in North America.

We are building this racing sloop in a cold moulded construction method that involves using thin wooden veneers glued together in opposing directions to creat a lightweight monocoque structure.

We are working with a design drawn by Swedish boat builder and designer Hasse Malmsten. Malmsten Boats

The International 2.4 Metre is a development class organised by The International 2,4 mR association.

It is an open design class in the same family as the classic metre yachts as the 12mR, 8mR and the 6mR

Simply put, you can use any hull form you like as long as it conforms to a specific mathematical formula and a set of class rules.

Materials: Sapelle mahogany, yellow cedar, Sitka spruce.

Specs  Length: 14.5′; Beam: 32.5”; Weight: 641lbs

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