Forest and Stream Model Skiff – Plans


Downloadable plans to build a scale model skiff.


This a complete set of plans to build a scale model of a skiff based on a design that was published in Forest and Stream magazine in 1890.

This five page set of pdf plans will print out full size on 8.5 x 10 paper. They include full size patterns that you can temporarily glue onto your building material with spray adhesive. Also included is the original 1890 design as printed in the Forest and Stream magazine.

This model is intended to be built from light 1/32″ or 1/6″ aircraft plywood which you can obtain from most hobby suppliers. Paper card stock could be substituted as well. In fact I encourage you to try building with both.

These plans are intended for home use. If you would like to use them in an educational environment, please contact me for pricing.


To download your file – click in the blue box on the page displayed after checkout marked “FOREST AND STREAM MODEL SKIFF PLANS”

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