Skin-on-frame Tahe Greenland kayak drawings – Digital Download


Drawings for building a Tahe inspired Greenland kayak


This is a set of drawings I produced while trying to replicate the hull form of the commercially produced Tahe Greenland kayak in the skin-on-frame construction method. These are not a set of formal plans. They are intended to guide a builder, with some experience in the skin-on-frame building process, to follow a path of exploration into re-creating this popular hull form.

These drawings are not intended to provide information that would infringe on any proprietory intelectual property. They are intended to assist in building a traditionaly constructed kayak inspired by the Tahe hull form which was in turn inspired by the traditional Greenlandic kayak hull form.

There will be a video companion to these drawings on my YouTube channel which follows me throughthe process of building one of these kayaks at 1/3 scale.

This package includes six printable pdf documents:

A lines drawing measured from a Tahe kayak

A deck feature drawing measured from a Tahe kayak

A full sized cockpit mould and gunnel spreaders drawing

A framework drawing

A details drawing

A builders notes document


To download your file – click in the blue box on the page displayed after checkout marked “TAHE KAYAK BUILDERS DRAWINGS”

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