Bouchie Dory


Designed by myself, the Bouchie Dory is a scaled down interpretation of the classic Grand Banks fishing dory. The Grandbanks dories were carried stacked on-deck of coasting schooners and deployed in small fleets once the fishing grounds were reached. They were seaworthy boats that could carry considerable loads in heavy weather but their narrow bottoms made them slightly tender until they were loaded down. This design has been created to employ a hybrid of traditional and modern construction but it is also suitable for purely glued lapstrake plywood construction.

Bouchie Dory Specs: Length: 12′, Beam: 52”, Depth amidships: 18″ Weight: approx 200 lbs

 Capacity: 1-3

Price: $16,000 as shown with oil finish.  

Prices subject to change.

Options available.

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