Building the Bouchie Dory Part 16 – Fibreglassing the garboards


Fibreglass is wonderful useful horrible stuff.  We take this brittle stuff, “glass” which due to a miracle of both science and nature is actually a slow moving liquid, and make thread sized filaments out of it that are somehow not brittle. Then we weave it into a cloth and glue it to materials which then transform into something vastly stiffer and stronger than would seem possible. Add another layer to the other side of the material and it becomes disproportionately stronger still. 

Where are the drawbacks then? Well the cost in time and materials to employ it is one. It adds additional weight. The potential for creating a huge mess is a big one. I’m not a fan of fibreglassing but I see the benefits and am on occasion drawn to jumping in and using the stuff. I’ve learned some lessons along the way and I’ll share a few with you today.