Clyde River Kayak

Clyde River kayaks


Tucked into a misty fjord on eastern Baffin Island lies the community of Clyde River, the birthplace of this qayaq design. Working with Robert Morris of Brewery Creek Small Boat Shop and members of the Clyde river community, we built a full-scale version of this qayaq and an 85% scale version. The full-scale qayaq is 20’ in length with a wide shallow-arc bottom. Due to its shallow draft, it carries heavy loads closer to the surface of the water than other boats I’ve built. A large D-shaped cockpit allows easy entry and exit, but limits the ability to use a spray skirt. This boat is faster than one might expect and has an extremely high level of stability.  An excellent choice for those interested in lake paddling without having to wear a lot of gear.

Length: 20′, Beam: 25″ – 27″, Weight: 40 lbs

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Clyde River kayak interior
Clyde River kayak frame detail
Clyde River kayaks
Clyde River kayak detail
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