Endeavour 17 kayak


This single touring design, from the Bear Mountain Boat Shop, was intended for strip building. I have modified the design slightly to allow for traditional clinker construction on the hull and shiplap construction on the deck. The planking is red cedar. Backbone and structural members and trim are yellow cedar and larch. The framing is black locust, and copper clench nails are used for fastening throughout.  The finished weight was fairly close to the strip-built equivalent. The customer wanted only natural materials throughout the construction, so no adhesives were used. Pine tar and beeswax was used as a bedding compound where necessary and the hull was finished with boat sauce consisting of linseed oil, pine tar and turpentine. The boat now resides in Romania.

Length: 16’ 11”

Beam: 23.5”

Depth from sheer: 7.5”

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Endeavour 17 kayak construction
Endeavour 17 construction
Endeavour 17 kayak afloat
Endeavour 17 deck framing
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