thought a little constructive self-criticism would be an interesting subject for this video. 


We all look back on early projects with a bit of a cringe. And why is that when we were so proud of the results when they were fresh from the hopper? Well, because we have grown. We have expanded out skill and knowledge base. That’s a good thing.

I think it’s a valuable exercise to look back on old work, not to just kick ourselves for screwing things up, but to also pat ourselves on the back for successful results and innovations. 

I have kept time sheets on every boat I have built, including this one and I am always surprised how quickly I seemed to produce these boats in my early days relative to now. Have I slowed down or do I now pay greater attention to more details? I’m not exactly sure.

One criticism I have when looking back on these time sheets is that I have not done a good job of categorizing the the task areas such that I can break out the finishing or pattern making for instance.

My brain just doesn’t work like that. Maybe I should find a way to work on that skill base.


For the record, here is the breakdown according to my terrible notes:

Mould, stems, keel and setup: 41.5 hours

Planking: 41 hours

Filleting and sanding: 16 hours

Trim: 54.5 hours

Paint and varnish: 24.5 hours


Total build time: 177.5 hours

Total cost: $776


I guess I didn’t doo such a terrible job of breaking the numbers down back then. How have I gotten so much worse at it is my burning question now.

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