Swimming Scow Re-design Part 2

If there is one thing that this model building does for me, it’s that it get something out from under my skin….or perhaps it puts something under my skin. Regardless of the direction the something is going, I really enjoy this process. It gets me into the building zone mentally in a way that sketching or drafting doesn’t do. Even watching this video as I edit and looking back at the photos of the original build i can already see some refinements. I may even produce another video on this project exploring all the variations one could explore to improve, strengthen, lighten, reduce cost, increase longevity etc. If that would be of interest to you folks, please let me know.

I do hope some of you folks take me up on the model building challenge. No cheating now. Needs to be a fresh start, not dusting off an older kick at the can. While a couple people might walk away with some free glue, all of you will come away with an afternoon well spent and a head full of fresh ideas, and that is a priceless reward for your efforts.

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