Cedar Garden arbour with swing

We love to build boats but it’s nice to build something squarish once in a while. Cedar garden feature pieces are a niche of ours. Building something that will stay dry is always a treat. Stand-alone furniture is preferred, but we also like doing built-ins. We don’t bid on kitchen jobs and runs of fencing, but if you want something unique and perhaps nautical, we are happy to have a look at your project.

Have a project in mind?

Built-in maple bedroom suite

Bedroom Built-In

We created this built-in bedroom suite for a cabin on Sidney Island near Victoria, B.C. The room featured sloped walls where the ceiling vaulted and so the cabinetry was built to fit.

Curved cedar arbor

Curved Arbor

This was an interesting project, the second in a series we built for a waterfront property in Victoria, B.C.

Custom garden gate

Arbour Gate

This arbour gate was constructed of Western red cedar using traditional timber-frame joinery and brass fastenings.

White oak washstand


This bathroom vanity features a traditionally constructed cabinet built of of ammonia-fumed quarter-sawn white oak.

Cedar arbor

Arbour Swing

This was the first in a series of structures we built for a waterfront property in Victoria, B.C. Traditional timber-frame joinery and brass fastenings were used throughout.

Custom cedar and mahogany deck railings

Deck Railings

We built this set of deck railings using Sapele mahogany posts, caps and handrails. Powder-coated aluminum brackets and stainless steel fasteners join them to panels constructed with PVC-coated welded wire mesh set into rough sawn red cedar frames.

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