greenland kayak

Greenland kayak frame


This is my favourite skin boat to build and use, the sports car of sea kayaks. Developed by the Greenlandic Inuit through thousands of years of innovation and adaptation to a sparse and harsh environment, this is a sleek hunting craft that lends itself to a wide variety of paddling techniques. The West Greenland kayak has low volume to reduce windage, hard chines that enable chine turns and high secondary stability to keep you safe when things get rough. Still used in Greenland today for hunting and paddling competitions, this boat is a must for those strictly interested in performance and day paddling.

These boats are sized to the individual using a traditional anthropometric construction method. Sizes and styles vary.

Materials: Ballistic nylon over a yellow cedar frame.

Specs are approximate: Length: 17’; Beam: 21”; Weight: 35 lbs

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Hinderloopen Greenland kayak frame
James Manke sitting in Tahe Greenland kayak frame
Greenland kayak frame
Greenland kayak frame detail
Greenland Kayak stem detail
Greenland Kayak frame detail
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